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Cloud Computing Center

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The Cloud Computing Center of School of Computer Engineering of Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) was established in 2016. Currently, more than 20 undergraduate and graduate students are actively working in the center, to provide high quality services to potential customers. At the moment, the services provided in the center are as follows:
  1. Providing a large set of computational resources including CPU, RAM, and storage through COTS (Common of the shelf) as well as dedicated servers.
  2. Providing high-end GPUs (i.e. GTX 1080) as containers for the related application purposes.
  3. Proper technical support and customer care with a step-by-step onboarding process.
Cloud Computing Center Features:
  1. Resource pool: All the available resource pool will be dynamically provided to different customers through a multi-tenant architecture. This will result in the proper utilization of the resources as well as having an optimum cost of usage for the end-customer.
  2. High-flexibility: Resources should be capable of dynamic scaling, providing the ability to scale-up or scale-down dynamically according to the real-time needs of each individual customer.
  3. Accessibility: We enable fast and easy access to remote resources without the need for physical presence and with tightly-connected technical support.
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