Main Computer Engineering Research Laboratory

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Main Computer Engineering (MCE) Research Laboratory is the main research laboratory of the School of Computer Engineering, which is a pioneer in bringing together efforts provided by researchers of different areas of computer engineering and computer science with the aim of producing end-to-end computing solutions serving future smart cities. The areas of research in MCE Research Laboratory comprise computer science and engineering applied in end-user side, communication network as well as service provider side. These inter-disciplinary computer consortium targets the provision of pervasive computing and IoT services of any kind delivered over telecommunication and data networks and assisted by cloud gigantesque resource pool. MCE comprises 14 faculty members and hundreds of graduate students pursuing Master’s or PhD degrees in the School of Computer Engineering. The main areas of research in MCE are as follows:
  • Computer Networks
  • Cloud, Fog and Edge computing
  • Complex Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech and Image Processing
  • System and Software Modelling
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Computer Hardware
  • Real-Time Systems
Actually, the MCE Research Laboratory involves 18 faculty members, as listed in the following:
  • Computer Network Specialty:
  • Software Engineering Specialty:
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Specialty:
  • Computer Architecture (Hardware) Specialty:

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School in Figures
    (June 2020)

  • CWTS Leiden Worldwide Ranking: 95
  • QS World University Rankings: 551-600
  • THE World University Rankings: 401-500
  • Shanghai Global Ranking: 401-500
  • Faculty Members: 30
  • Enrolled Students: 640
  • Enrolled Undergraduate Students: 330
  • Enrolled MSc Students: 220
  • Enrolled Phd Students: 90
  • Alumni: 3300

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